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You have done all you can do to find more patients. You spread the news about your clinic by various means — offline and online. Talked to your circle, advertised with leaflets, sent SMS, and even posted on Facebook.

You expected a flood of patient inquiries.

But the results are disappointing. Hugely disappointing.

There is hardly any new patient.

Is there a solution to this? A way to get more patients?

Can you change the situation?

If you want to change the situation, talk to us immediately.
We help 134 ayurvedic clinics get new patients everyday.
Our simple, highly scalable, and inexpensive inquiry generation system booked over 2,132 patient
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You only pay per patient inquiry!

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Performance Guarantee

Our ayurvedic marketing program is based on in-depth research, and extensive knowledge of what will work and what will not.

This is the reason why we are so confident and we can charge based on inquiries.

You will be delighted to experience the results.

And as we say, there is absolutely no risk of wasting money.

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Experience a deluge of patients. Have a thriving practice.

The easy part?

You are not bound by any long-term contract and can walk out any time.

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From the moment you join the program,you will be assigned your very own marketing planner. He will understand your areas of expertise, study your competitors, and suggest how your clinic can stand out above them.

He will also help you to craft irresistible value propositions, compelling offers, and captivating presentations for attracting droves of patients to your clinic.

But that’s not all—our proven track record with hundreds of ayurvedic clinics means we’ve cracked the code to generating more patient inquiries than you can handle.

Once the process is set in motion, you will start getting patient inquiries almost immediately.

Join our program today and witness your clinic soar to unprecedented heights.

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